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University of Maryland 2005 Solar Decatholon
Moving Footers on the Construction Site

Footer Move

May 25 - 27, 2005 

fter pouring and curing the 2005 Maryland home’s concrete footers, the next step was to move these footers to the construction site. 

Each footer has a threaded rod sticking up from the top center.  This will enable the footers to be connected to the house, but also allowed easy movement of the footers.  Using an eyelet and chain, team member Mike Boteler successfully used a forklift from United Rentals to move the footers to the site.  In all, 20 footers were moved.

Once moved, each footer had to be precisely located along several straight lines to facilitate attachment to the home’s subfloor.  Several team members used a transit, level, and stadia pole to ensure that each footer was moved into the correct spot.

“Placing the end footers down was the hardest part.  Once we had the ends in place, lining up all the other footers was easy,” said Assistant Project Manager Dan Vlacich.  “And we all got nice tans to boot.”

The next step for Maryland will be to install the main glulam beams that support the home, and then install the subfloor.

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