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University of Maryland 2005 Solar Decatholon
Solar Panel

AC Disconnect

AC DisconnectThe AC Disconnect is where the AC electricity created by the inverters travels into the house. The AC Disconnect serves three purposes:

  1. Feeding the AC from the inverters into the house
  2. Balancing the loads
  3. Connecting the grid electricity to the PV system

The AC Disconnect balances the electricity output by the inverters with a transformer. This ensures that the house receives true 120-volt AC electricity, even when multiple inverters are running during periods of high demand.

The connection to the power grid can also be brought into the AC Disconnect, where available. The Maryland Solar House is an off-grid house, meaning that it is completely independent and has no connection to the electrical grid.

When the home moves to Red Wiggler Community Farm, it will have a connection to the electrical grid, and this part of the AC Disconnect will be utilized.

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