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University of Maryland 2005 Solar Decatholon
Solar Panel

DC Disconnect

DC DisconnectFor safety, homes with PV power systems are required to have a main disconnect that separates the PV system from the rest of the home's electrical system. This makes maintenance easier and faster when portions of the home's electrical system must be worked on.

The DC disconnect isolates the DC components of the power system from the AC components. Here, the wires from the PV combiners, charge controllers, and batteries are appropriately connected. Directly attached to the DC disconnect are the inverters. DC equipment, such as lighting or water pumps, can be also hooked into the home through the DC disconnect.  For this reason, DC disconnects are often called "DC load centers."

The 2005 Maryland house will feature an OutBack Power Systems PSDC DC disconnect.

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For more information about OutBack Power Systems products, please visit their website.

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