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University of Maryland 2005 Solar Decatholon

Worksite Safety Training

March 15th and 17th

The solar house team is one step closer to beginning construction after members of the team who will work on the house spent a class session learning how to correctly and safely use power tools March 15 and 17. On Tuesday, two employees of Clark Realty Builders, including the director of safety Jerry Phillips, gave demonstrations on power tool safety and the importance of personal protection equipment.

For most of the members of the solar house team it was their first venture out to the warehouse that has sheltered the solar car and will soon become the site of the solar house construction. Part ofthe training included a tour of the warehouse emphasizing emergency exits, proper tool storage and how to prevent dangerous situations by keeping a clean work area.

The training also marked the membersfirst introduction to the power tools they will be using such as the circular saw, powerdrill andthe reciprocating saw. Team members learned how to avoid serious injury by staying alert and always wearing personal protection equipmentsuch as hard hats, gloves and goggles. Team members working with the power tools were also advised to avoid wearing loose fitting clothing or open-toed shoes to the site and to always keep long hair pulled back.


"Maintaining a safe jobsite is our top priority and it is important for the team to learn about potential hazards and ways to protect themselves," said project manager Rob Murray.


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