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University of Maryland 2005 Solar Decatholon
Sweeping the Warehouse

Golub Warehouse Workday

December 5, 2004

On Sunday afternoon, Maryland Solar House team members gathered at the Golub Warehouse Complex in Riverdale Park. The event was organized by the Construction Group to sweep the building and provide an orientation of the facility.

The team is occupying 7,500 square feet of an unused warehouse owned by the University of Maryland. Facilities Management provided substantial upgrades to the lighting, fire alarm, and sprinkler system so that the team could move in.

The warehouse will become a staging area for construction of the Maryland home and will provide the ability for the team to prefabricate house components in a climate-controlled facility. Additionally, the building will allow the team to receive and store materials and equipment in a location protected from the elements.

The warehouse was "a mess," according to senior Civil Engineer and Construction Group member Mike Boteler. Debris from previous tenants and years of dust had accumulated on the bay floors when the team arrived. "After some elbow grease, we created a better and safer work environment for the project," added Boteler.

The facility includes a 12 foot roll-up door, 220 volt electrical service, and indoor plumbing.

Before leaving, the team secured a Maryland flag to one of the roof beams in a symbolic gesture to show the project had moved into its new home.

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