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University of Maryland 2005 Solar Decatholon
Team at Franklin's

Franklin's Happy Hour

September 16, 2004

After spending the week debating interior material finishes and calling manufacturers, several members of the Maryland Solar Decathlon Team took time to relax and socialize during happy hour at Franklin's, a Hyattsville restaurant. Even the faculty advisor, Professor Kaye Brubaker, arrived in jeans and a t-shirt to enjoy the drinks and free food with her students. 

While eating nachos and buffalo wings, team members learned new things about each other. One team member discovered that two of her teammates had been friends since high school and others discussed hobbies and interests. 

"The way class is run there is little time for everyone to really get to know each other," said Rob Murray, Project Manager. "This gave us the opportunity to bond as a team outside the classroom." 

Team members look forward to spending more time together and are planning another outing to Franklin's. 

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